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Q&A with Accelerate grad Stephanie Vargas Sosa, who will attend Texas Christian University

The Accelerate Program offers Providence high school students an enhanced senior year experience that allows students to jump-start their postsecondary career while completing their high school requirements. Students who successfully complete the program can earn up to 24 college credits at no cost of enrollment for the student or family.

I’m an Accelerate senior of the Class of 2021. I’m also a first-gen student in a computer science major with a pre-med track. I’m not one for traditional academic paths so I wanted to take a “riskier” path for my ultimate goal of going to medical school. But I’m more than a student! I’m also a very fun and outgoing person willing to do anything that can be fun (it has to be healthy and safe though). And as odd as it may seem, I enjoy learning for fun so I spend a lot of time reading or trying new things!

Why did you decide to join the Accelerate Program? 

I decided to join the Accelerate Program because I found that it would be a great opportunity to experience the workload of a full-time college student and it would allow for me to earn many college credits in high school as well.

Please share a memorable moment you have in the Accelerate Program. 

Everything about the Accelerate Program was memorable! Orientation was certainly memorable, as that is when we learned more about each other as well as the work and expectations for us.

What role did College Success Coach Heckerly Flores play in your success? 

Heckerly played a great role in my success during the Accelerate Program and in preparation for college as well. She helped me fill out the FAFSA and always answered any questions I had on anything! She also gave a very valuable piece of advice to us as a class. She insisted that we ask for help whenever we needed it and made sure that we saw all the resources we could use to find help.

What are you most looking forward to in your first year of college? 

I’m looking forward to the experience as a whole. I’m excited to meet new people and find more people of the same major. I also look forward to my growth as a person and student throughout the next four years of college.

What challenges are you anticipating in the years ahead? 

I know that there will be more challenging classes as time goes on and there will be a lot of pressure. However, this is also something I look forward to because more challenges will only help me grow.

What words of advice do you have for the next group of Accelerate seniors (Class of 2022)? 

I would advise the next group of Accelerate students to stay on top of their work and write everything in a sort of planner so that they do not fall behind. I would also like to pass down the advice that was given to me and tell them to ask for help whenever they need it. Most importantly I would say to have fun with it and really enjoy and take advantage of the opportunity!