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Honorific Program

The Honorific Program at Onward We Learn is a comprehensive college admissions and transition program established to guide highachieving juniors and seniors in exploring opportunities for college and financial aid outside of the traditional in-state public school options. The mission of the Honorific Program is to ensure our students have the tools and skills necessary to apply and be admitted to selective schools (such as Brown University, Boston University, College of the Holy Cross, etc.) that will best fit their needs academically, socially, and financially. Students in the program will have access to specialized support and individual guidance for two years: while they prepare to apply to college, during the college application process, and through their first year of college. 

Program benefits​

As an Honorific Scholar, you will have the following privileges: 

  • Tailored workshops during junior year to prepare for senior year academics and college admission. 
  • In-person and virtual visits exclusive for Honorific Scholars to college campuses outside of Rhode Island. 
  • Support in applying to pre-college programs at selective schools and internships for summer 2022.
  • Participation in the three-week Honorific Summer Program (to jumpstart college applications). 
  • Opportunities to talk to and learn from admissions counselors from top universities. 
  • One-on-one support/guidance from a college admissions expert.

Individualized college planning process

Once your senior year begins, you will be guided through the college application process each step of the way. This includes: 

  • College list compilation and common app completion.
  • Essay writing assistance.
  • SAT practice and fee waivers. 
  • Financial aid application completion. 
  • Access to topquality resources available only to Honorific Scholars.
 Honorific Scholars meet as a group and on a one-on-one basis with their Honorific advisor. 

Program schedule

During the academic school year, students will meet as a group with the Associate Director of College Admissions for various workshops in the Onward office or virtually, at their school, and on a one-on-one basis. 


During the summer, students will participate in a three-week intensive summer program to gain in-depth knowledge of the college application process and apply that knowledge toward their own college journey to maximize their options and streamline their workload in the fall semester of senior year. 

Honorific student profiles

Top colleges and universities our scholars attend

Our scholars have attended these institutions over the last three years.

Eligibility requirements

We review student applications holistically and consider each applicant’s individual strengths, unique circumstances, and motivation to succeed. However, students admitted into our program typically meet the following criteria: 

High school grades
Mostly A’s and B’s and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher (out of 4.0)
Rigor of high school curriculum
Taking challenging courses available at your high school, including honors, AP, dual enrollment, and/or early enrollment
Activity involvement
Participating in activities outside of school hours, including sports, clubs, community service, employment/internships, and/or family/home responsibilities (babysitting, housework, etc.)
Personal traits
Determination, diligence, and commitment