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United vision

Every so often the stars align to bring all the right people in the right place at the right time to help propel a vision whose time has come. The College Crusade’s partnership with Learning for Life, or L4L, at Rhode Island College is a great testament of such alliance. The leadership, college success coach, and Navigators on both teams are all in perfect alignment with laser focus on promoting our Crusaders’ success. 

In this newsletter, our partners at L4L talk about the program’s mission and goals and reflect on their experience with Crusaders.  

A point of pride for the Crusade is having a dedicated College Success Coach work closely with our L4L partners to explore all possible avenues to ensure RIC Crusaders’ success and retention. Whether it is a financial aid question, an emergency fund request, or troubleshooting barriers to success, Ashley Davega is our student champion on campus. What I admire most about Ashley is her unwavering faith in her students and relentless commitment to help them over life and academic humps one at a time. Ashley is a graduate of URI and a proud advocate for all Crusaders at RIC. 

Our PS team is excited to celebrate our RIC Crusaders as we welcome exciting new beginnings and a much brighter academic year ahead! 

With love,